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Thread: Colony Ship help

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    Colony Ship help

    I am trying to build a colony ship;
    MY Academy level is at 22 and the colony ship has been researched
    My Harbor level is at 20
    MY culture is 1/3 (but the wiki sez for the second city CP is not a factor)

    In the harbor view the colony ship appears as researched
    I have over 10000 of each resource but it won't allow me to build it sez: 0:10000

    what am I missing??

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    Do you have 170 free farm space available?

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    Yeah I guess thats the problem.....U need to expand the Farm more!

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    well this is ****......after all that work and building I get: Sorry Other player's city can not be conquered in this world"

    Have fun this was the most stupid waste of time i have ever seen
    you post a game of build and conquer with multi player yet you can't conquer another player, what T F
    I might as well be playing PONG by myself......
    ****ing stupid

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    Hyperborea is some what of a training world for newbs. I like your lust for conquering other people, I would recommend joining Epsilon. On Epsilon and all the other worlds, it is possible to conquer people.

    Should you wish to remain on that world, you can conquer ghosts town (try conquering 1000+points) or colonize.

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    Ok so GT's and colonize got it, spent too much time in this one to start over.

    but any way, I went and colonized an AP and got another city

    one question thu: what happened to my colony ship? I was able to recall alll the other ships but no colony ship!

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    The colony ship has "disappeared" in your new city and you got the population you used for the CS back in your first city

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    where is the ship?

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    Your colonists dismantled the ship to build the new city.

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