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Thread: Village Msg: Max Daily Resources Reached

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    Village Msg: Max Daily Resources Reached

    Tried searching the forums, but didn't find anything about this...

    I now get this message when trying to farm one of the six villages I can farm.

    "The maximum daily amount of resources for this village has been reached."

    I've never encountered this message before. I actually farm all the villages at once using the Captain, this one just remains at "Ready" status, but now gives this error message. Beyond the obvious meaning, is this supposed to happen? how does this happen? when does it go away?


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    well I suppose on the village you are on about, it might be a low level, so the max resources you can take from it would be reached early if you are farming average every 5 minutes, see what level it is and try to expand it

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    Thanks for the reply T-Rex. The village is expanded to Lvl. 4. And I farm it along with all the other 5 villages, all at Lvl. 3 or 4. This is the only one giving the error. Maybe I'll create a ticket, like you mentioned in your message...

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    each village has a max amount you can demand from it in a day. if you look in the lower left corner of the farming village window, youll see ie. (24,567/32,000) it shows how much of your daily allowed amount you have left. ive gotten close but never maxed it out before. thats some serious demanding.

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    there are 4 factors that affect the available resource level.

    - Level of Village - the higher the level of the Village the more resources are available for Demand/Loot/Trade
    - How many players are using the village.
    - Type of Demand/Loot - constant 5 minute demands will deplete the level faster than 10 Minute - 20 Minute etc
    - Also Trades will deplete the level - the more players that trade will deplete the level faster.

    I can easily deplete Villages by my self by doing 5 minute demands, a 40 minute Loot then use all the trade options when they are at maximum.

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